Summer Series – 23rd June 2024

Not a lot of wind presented  fifteen sailors in the run up to the start but the race officer anticipated some increase in wind strength. The wind was coming from the due south.

Race officer set a course heading directly off shore with a direct beat and a triangular course up channel against the outgoing tide. Race one saw a clean getaway by the asymmetrics of Steve and Andrew appreciating the crosswind reaching, Andrew getting ahead by the end of the first lap and Steve managing to capsize at the windward mark of the second lap. Neil got away from the other lasers followed by Jake and Jason, with no place changes.. Teilo was nicely ahead of Mark and Karl in the Xenon, but lost most his lead by getting his kite mangled up round his bow.  Meanwhile the Mirrors of Jean and Rex kept in close contact but struggled against the flowing tide and lack of wind so they agreed to finish on one lap with Rex just ahead

Wednesday trainees Chris and Xavier set off in Topazes five minutes after the main start and followed the pack crawling round the course, and  both did really well just to get round once. 

The race officer was wrong about the wind, the sea breeze didn’t happen so race two was on a shortened course. The lasers followed a different procession this time , Neil still in the lead followed by Jason and Jake and Trevor, with the those at the front  managing four laps,  The shortened course maybe not favouring Andrew’s cat as Steve extended his lead and squeezed in an 5th lap. This time Jean and Lawrence got the better of Rex in their Mirrors. Jean attributed this to his cunning use of a ‘jib stick’….(not often seen them being used at Sully !)

Big smiles on the faces of Chris and Xavier after their first races, and credit to them both for joining in and competing.