Monthly Archives: March 2022

Early Bird Series – 27th March 2022

Another sunny day with a gusty offshore wind, which made setting the course and sailing it a bit tricky, and six boats racing. Andrew in his Topaz CX14X catamaran led the way off the start but was overhauled by Steve in his RS700 on the downwind leg. In the mean time in the Lasers Neil led the way until a close encounter with a mark in the strong tide, and the resulting penalty turn, let Danny through. At the finish Steve was storming up to almost lap the Lasers but it was not enough to hold off Danny who finished first on handicap with Steve second, splitting the Lasers, and Neil third.

The second race sailed the course the other way round and a reaching start saw most of the fleet trying to round the first mark at the same time. Steve sailed ahead, but capsized onto the yellow mark trying to squeeze too close to the wind with the spinnaker up. The resulting recovery and penalty turn let Andrew pass and sail into the distance, but the Lasers were too close behind and pipped him at the finish, with Danny in first and Neil in second.

Robin leads the series due to sailing all the races, but Danny and Andy are not far behind, each with two wins.


Early Bird Series – 20th March 2022

The Early Bird Series finally got underway with 3 boats taking to the water. New member Carmel went out in a Radial and Robin and Andy were in Lasers.

Blue Skies and a decent wind from the North East greeted the sailors. In the first race Carmel had the best start of the three and was sailing clear before capsizing as she gunned at the second mark allowing Robin and Andy to sail past. After the 3rd mark an over correction to a gust saw Robin have a swim and allowed Andy to sail clear for the win.

The course was changed to a triangle and the second race started not long after the first finished. Carmel unfortunately missed the start and was some way down because of the confusion. Robin and Andy were close racing for the first 2 marks before Robin sailed away. As he was completing the first lap he capsized and Andy was able to pass and hold on for a second win.