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Earlybird Series – 23rd April 2023

From Matt in the Commentary Box: “Calm sailing conditions today as the first race commenced. Charles didn’t have the best of starts but made up for this on the first leg. A close race between Jake and Danny, with Jake pulling out all the stops at the end to take the win”.

Danny takes over the story: “I started inshore on starboard but the wind had backed to the south & everyone crossed ahead of me on port. I managed to catch & pass everyone, but just after mark 2 the wind the wind dropped to nothing, I followed Steve out into the tide looking for wind on the leg back across the bay, but suffered in the tide and Aran & Jake inshore were getting ahead. Then I got the wind and came together with them at mark 3, then I screwed up the gybe & missed the mark, had to back around it, was then quite far behind. I kept chasing through the next lap until at the same point leg before finishing leg, Aran got hit by a gust/wave & capsized. Jake went on to win with me 2nd”.

Back to Matt: “Danny had a false start in Race 2 and had to return to the beginning but despite this he still managed to pass everyone and regain pole position on the first lap. An increasing wind was to Aran’s advantage allowing him to take the win. Charles had a great first leg but capsized on the second, filled his boat with water and was forced to retire”.

Danny again: “Nigel called me over so I went back to restart, so again started behind. I caught up and passed everyone again and got ahead with Jake 2nd. I think Aran capsized on the 2nd gybe mark but later Aran caught back up taking advantage of his size & power both upwind and on the reach. I stayed ahead, although he was catching up, until mark 2, the inshore gybe of the last lap. I got the main caught and capsized after the gybe. Aran sailed past to win, I got 2nd about 40 seconds behind”.

The safety boat was kept busy with the official count of eight capsizes in total.

Overall, Steve is still ahead with Danny in second and Neil third in the fast fleet. We now do have qualifiers in the slow fleet with Carmel leading Teilo, but these two, Pete and Robin need to sail next week to keep their places or fall out of qualifying. Aran and Jake have great results but need more races. With 8 races left in the series and 10 to count everything is still up for grabs.


Earlybird Series – 16th April 2023

There was no wind as the 5 Lasers launched and even less at the start. Nevertheless most were on or over the start line when the hooter went. Jake and Steve stormed off to the first mark leaving the others trailing, especially Danny who went back over the line to restart. The wind then went vague and the second leg became a beat. This allowed Danny to move into 3rd while Jake and Steve fought it out at the front. Steve had the edge until a huge lump of weed on his mainsheet caused his race to falter and Jake crept ahead for the win.

The easterly wind which had set in increased slightly so a second race went ahead with a reversed and much smaller course with a huge tide effect. I can’t remember the positions at the end of the first lap, but by the end of the first leg of the second lap they had reversed and Danny had taken the lead with Neil in hot pursuit. Neil hit a Mark and had to do a turn, letting Steve and Jake through and that was the way things stood going into the 3rd lap (Yes, a third lap!). Things remained close in positions 2 to 4 but Steve held on to take 2nd with Jake third and Danny well in front in first.

The series is between Steve and Danny in the fast fleet with a tight race for 3rd. The slow fleet haven’t been turning up (except to take videos).


Earlybird Series – 2nd April 2023

Pleasant weather for the time of year. A good F4 north-easterly at the start of the first race promised some exciting racing.

And so it was for the first race. Danny, Steve and Neil fought it out for the lead over the whole 4 laps of the race. Jake, in the family Topaz Race X, would have been in the mix if he hadn’t capsized on the third leg leaving him with too much catching up to do. The three leading Lasers swapped positions several times with Steve and Danny swapping the lead each lap. Steve led at the start of the last leg, but Danny got the better of the shifts and squeezed him out at the finish.

Andrew Evans in his catamaran and Andy Townsend (Laser) both sailing for the first time this year were able to shake off the winter blues but not trouble the leaders.

Just as the the second race started the wind died to a force 2-3 and swung to the east removing the beat, which turned into a fetch, so there was no close racing and Danny pulled well clear of Neil who pulled well clear of Steve. Jake didn’t capsize, stayed not far behind and got 2nd place on handicap. Laurence held off the Andrews to finish in 5th.

The discards have kicked in with a vengeance. Steve is now only just in the lead in the fast fleet series with Danny close behind and Robin in 3rd. Teilo leads the slow fleet with Laurence 2nd and Jake 3rd.