Checklist for Club Boats

Using a Club boat? Check before launch

The Mast:-    Is it fixed properly in the step? 

( Is your LASER Cunningham / downhaul secured? )

Kicker:-  Is it fixed right and tensioned to hold the boom down? 

Mainsheet direction:-   Is it running the right way through the blocks – especially any ratchet block?

Mainsheet stopper knot(s): is the knot tied where it will stop the boom swinging forward of the mast?

Jibsheet (if used):  Is it tied in a continuous loop, as recommended?  If not are there 2 stopper knots?)

Stern traveller / ‘horse’:  does the tiller go under the rope;  is it the right tension?

Daggerboard,  rudder and tiller:   are they tied and/or clipped on so they won’t fall out when you capsize?

Bungs and self-bailers:  are the holes in the hull blocked up before you take to the water?

Your personal equipment

Buoyancy Aid / Lifejacket:  fitted securely?

Wetsuit?  (Mandatory for winter months)

Helmet?  (Some provided by the Club – strongly recommended for children and recommended for novice adults in windy conditions