Monthly Archives: March 2024

Earlybird Series – 24th March 2024

Four intrepid souls set forth in 18kts of wind to tackle a simple triangle course. Neil and Andrew led the field away from the start and fight up the beat to the first mark before a tangled foot led to Andrew capsizing and Neil shot clear off down the run.

Then the conditions started to narrow down the field. Andy retired and a second capsize for Andrew (and a bang to the head from the boom) at the end of first race, meant the second race consisted of two boats. Laser vs Topaz. But it was a short race to let Neil capitalise on the absence of Steve before they were called in to ensure there were still enough people to recover the rescue boat.


Earlybird Series – 17th March 2024

After a delay to rescue the Patrol Boat, 5 boats set out for Laser full rig only racing. The delay gave time for the wind to increase from force 1 to force 2.

Steve got his timing right for a pin end start on starboard on a port biased line with Jake and Jason close behind and Neil and Pete tacking off. Steve got to the first mark just ahead of the other two who went left and the two who went right were well behind. Steve then went round the mark the wrong way and let Jake and Jason get away and then spent the rest of the race fighting off Neil. It continued that way for two laps with Jake taking the lead ahead of Jason with Steve just ahead of Neil and Pete ‘a bit’ behind.

The wind increased to force 3-4 between races and after an even tighter start Neil pulled ahead. Jake overhauled Steve downwind, with Jason close behind, and held on until the end of the second beat, by which time it was blowing force 5 and getting exciting and Steve surged past Jake and Jason. Steve stormed off downwind after Neil (who was finding the force 6 gusts interesting) while Jason and Jake sorted themselves out.

Neil finally succumbed to the inevitable and capsized at the bottom mark allowing Steve past. Nick in the race office thought we were enjoying it (Steve was) and sent us round for a third lap. Jake and Pete retired but Jason hung on for 3 capsizes and 3rd place, with Steve 1st and Neil 2nd.