How to Find Us

The Club is situated between Penarth and Barry at about the mid-point of Sully Bay and is accessed from Smithies Avenue. Taking the main road, B 4267 South Road, through Sully, turn down Weston Avenue and at the end of this short road you will find that it joins Smithies Avenue at a ‘T’ junction. Look diagonally to your right and across the road you will see a narrow lane signposted ‘Jubilee Hall’ (If you are towing a boat itis easier to approach along Smithies Avenue from Burnham Avenue and the lane is on the right just before the junction with Weston Avenue). Proceed down this lane and you will come to a small car park next to the Hall and fronting the playing fields. Sully Sailing Club will be clearly visible directly in front of you …

Please proceed with the utmost caution!

as this lane also leads to a children’s play area as well as forming part of a popular local footpath.