Monthly Archives: December 2023

Transom Series Finale – 3rd December 2023

Six competitors braved the cold and rain for one of the last race days of the year. A calm sea ideal for launching and recovering without fuss. The wind started to play tricks changing to the South just after launching. The anticipated course was run in reverse. By the end of the first race the wind had dropped, moved to the East and the tide started to have its effect upon competitors. For the second race the marks were moved closer together and the course reverted back to its clockwise pattern. As soon as the starting sequence commenced the wind changed to the South and picked up resulting in a 23 minute five lap race. OOD having run out of paper to record any further laps and thinking the competitors would be glad to get ashore.

Overall, the Slow Fleet is decided, with Lawrence first and Danny C second. In the Fast Fleet, only Steve in first is assured. The other places are still up for grabs between Andrew E, Robin, Pete, Neil and Danny P, but next week is the last opportunity and it may be windy!