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Transom Series – 23rd October 2022

I need some help with a proper write-up, but Danny won both races, Robin beat Neil to second with a late surge in the first race. Neil got his second in the second race, but Robin lost out to Pete Wells who finished 3rd.

Overall Danny leads the series on the same points as Steve, with Nigel third.


Transom Series – 16th October 2022

8 boats (7 slow fleet and one fast fleet!) prepared to sail in no wind but with huge waves on the slipway. Nick was first to launch and was quickly swept back onto the slipway with some damage to the boat. Learning from this everyone was launched successfully but Nick again ended up under water.

Did Steve sail over Nick or was he washed away. Who knows…

Eventually the racing got underway in a force 3 southerly wind and fast running tide. In the first race it was between Nigel and Steve, Topper and Laser. After 5 laps Nigel was lapped and Steve took first place with Carmel (Radial) and Dan (Enterprise) fighting it out for 3rd which went to Carmel.

The second race, over an enlarged course saw the wind drop slightly to Nigel’s detriment so Carmel picked up 2nd and Dan 3rd.

Overall, the discards have kicked in robbing Danny of his glory. Steve leads the series with Nigel in 2nd and Robin in 3rd.


Transom Series – 9th October 2022

A good southerly wind (depending on your point of view) – Force 5-6 at Nells Point, big waves (well, big for Sully Bay) and a Laser course. What more could a Laser sailor ask for? Well, Charles would ask for a club boat that doesn’t leak and fall apart, but he’s been promised that for next week, sort of.

In the first race, after a close fought beat, Neil thought he’d got to the first mark ahead, but he tacked too close and the tide took him onto it. Steve and Arun fought it out on the run and the reach until Steve slipped inside and there the positions stayed until the end with Andrew chasing them down. The second race was closer. Neil tried the same thing on the first beat and got away with it but was passed by Arun with Steve in 3rd. All 3 stayed close for the rest of the race until Arun hit a mark and lost his first place doing his turns. Neil held on until Steve managed to slip through into the lead just before the final leg and Arun came charging through to finish 2nd equal with Robin, who had a storming race in his Radial.

Danny C, who was the only non-Laser sailor, remains in overall first in the series in a Topaz.