Transom Series – 30th October 2022

The waves were big, not as huge as last week, but the wind was blowing F4 with more forecast. Thanks to Pete and Chris D on the slipway all the boats were launched successfully but as the wind increased there were some early capsizes, including Neil, who after a dodgy manoeuvre at the start proceeded to do his turns vertically through the water rather than horizontally on the water. As a result he was well behind at the first mark. Steve survived Neil’s onslaught to reach the first mark just behind Danny, but powered through his lea on the reach. Robin was not far behind in a Radial.

As the wind increased to F5 gusting 6 the run became challenging for most and only Steve and Robin stayed upright, finishing first and second. Danny was third and Neil fourth, despite being lapped.

The wind continued to increase and the second race started with Neil ahead of Steve. Danny decided to call it a day and Neil disappeared into a wave on the run leaving Steve in the lead with Robin chasing… until the Force 8 Gale came in. With only one boat upright Rex decided to abandon the race to the relief of most.

Thanks to the sterling work by Chris P and Alun in the Patrol Boat all boats safely reached shore with a few tales to tell.

Overall, Steve moves into the lead, with Danny in second and Robin, leading the slow fleet, in third.