Dart 18 for Sale


Comes with :

  • Road trailer with newish wheels and tyres
  • Spare mainsail and battens.
  • Launching trolley
  • Sail box
  • Long and short tiller extensions for single handed/double handed sailing.

Hulls are still in their original gelcoat and with original graphics

Hull platform still good and rigid ( ie lift one Bow up the other moves too)

Fast boat with an excellent racing history.
Best result in my hands 3rd place Three Piers long distance race 2018.

Currently set up with a 2:1 main halyard a la Dart 16 for easier rigging and cruising and with a spare sail intended to be reef-able. Easily converted back to original racing halyard setup.

Owned since 2016, Will be sad to see it go.

Contact : Robin Wilkinson