Earlybird Series – 14th May 2023

It was blowing F4-5 from the west southwest and only 5 boats ventured out. The two race favourites in the Fast Fleet, Steve and Danny, and the two race favourites in the Slow Fleet, Carmel and Teilo, with Andrew in his Cat to make up the numbers.

Danny had the better start and first beat and led round the first mark. Steve was following closely, but couldn’t get past until the second lap beat when his superior weight got the better of Danny. Steve pulled away but Danny held on and closed the gap in the final lap.

In the second race Steve had a slight lead over Danny at the end of the first beat but lost it on the downwind leg and regained it on the next leg. Steve pulled well ahead on the second beat and Danny was about 100m behind at the windward mark, but as the wind dropped for Steve on the downwind leg Danny came flying on a huge gust and it was neck and neck round the next mark. As Danny took the faster line and edged past Steve on the inside, Steve took risks letting his sail right out on the run, but didn’t see the next huge gust which tipped him in to a windward capsize. With the finish at the end of that lap Steve was not able to catch Danny who finished in first.

So, one first each and the Fast Fleet results remain with Danny one point behind with two races to go. Steve needs one first to win the series but if Danny gets two next week, or one and beats Steve in the last race, he takes it! Neil appears safe in third, but Robin could get the place if he does well next week.

In the Slow Fleet Carmel has enough races and points to clinch first place. Teilo needs two more races to claim the second place prize.