Early Bird Series – 24th April 2022

Another gusty offshore northeasterly (how I wish for a nice southwesterly), but with sun and 5 boats (two each of Lasers and Topazs and one RS700). Andrew E set a good square course which gave Steve a chance to fly his spinnaker on two of the legs. It wasn’t enough for him to reel in Danny though (the RS700 needs to lap the Lasers within 3 Laser laps to win) but he lapped the other boats to finish 2nd, with Teilo in his Topaz in 3rd.

Andrew adjusted the course for the second lap which helped Andy T move up from 5th to 3rd in his Laser. Danny, despite a capsize, again finished first, further ahead of Steve with Nick and Teilo in 4th and 5th.

The overall results are all going Danny’s way. Neil is still in 2nd but as Andrew was in the Patrol Boat he slips to 5th with not enough results, leaving Robin in 3rd and Andy 4th.