Early Bird Series – 17th April 2022

Sun and an easterly force 4 awaited the small band of sailors who could tear themselves away from the Easter eggs. Steve and Nigel set a large rectangular course giving Nick in his Topaz Race no excuse not to fly his spinnaker. He did, and although, after a closeish first leg Neil pulled away, Nick stayed in touch and was only 40 seconds back on handicap at the end. Nick and Alun had a close race on the water and only seconds separated them at the finish, with Nick ahead, but Alun needs more time on the water to master his new(ish) boat.

Neil was sent round for an extra lap to try to tire him out before the second race and Alun in his Laser put in a flyer of a port tack start to threaten to take an early lead and show he had already mastered the boat, but Neil again pulled away. Alun stayed well ahead of Nick this time to beat him on handicap, but Neil held on to win.

Danny still leads, but if he misses any more races will be down the pan. Neil is a strong second with Andrew Evans in 3rd (again needing to race next week to stay there) and Robin in 4th with plenty of races in hand ready to move up to 2nd.