Transom Series – 26th November 2023

Just four Lasers today and no one else. It was close racing though with the boats fighting for position throughout both races. Jake and Chris set a tiny course until OOD Nick asked them to make it larger. Even so, the boats were lapping in just over 6 minutes.

In the first race it was very close for the first 4 laps until Danny and Steve pulled away from Robin and Neil. Danny managed to hold off Steve, and Robin and Neil were swapping places until Robin came out ahead at the finish.

The second race was even closer. Danny hit the start mark and had to do turns allowing Neil and Steve to get a few metres ahead. Danny fought back and playing the wind shifts nearly got the better of Neil and Steve but hit the mark again. Neil got the inside edge on Steve with Robin close behind, but Danny surged back and at the penultimate mark it was Neil, with Steve in pursuit, closely followed by Danny, and Robin not far behind. Neil played the shifts right and crossed the line first but Steve couldn’t hold off Danny who was able to squeeze him out at the finish with Robin taking advantage and 3rd place.