Summer Series Finale – 28th August 2022

10 boats took to the water in a F3-4 northeasterly; another gusty day with a beat up the shore. Those who worked out early that keeping inshore paid off took the honours with Nigel in a Topper finishing first ahead of Danny and Robin.

The wind increased a bit for the second race, or at least there were more sustained gusts further out. Steve pulled out a commanding lead on the water in his 29er with Andrew in his cat following, but frustrated by the holes in the wind. Steve’s lead was not enough to catch Danny on handicap. Danny won with Steve second and Andrew third.

In the Slow Fleet Lawrence Tulip finished ahead of Dan Patterson in both races, but Dan held onto 2nd place in the series ahead of Chris Batho in 3rd but behind Nick Speller who wins the Slow Fleet series. Danny Powell with 8 straight wins finishes first in the Fast Fleet series ahead of Neil Brookes, with Andrew Evans in 3rd.