Summer Series – 5th June 2022

A record 9 boats took to the water on the coldest day so far in June for the annual Round the Island (Sully Island) race. The flukey offshore wind kept the boats together along the shore, but Steve and Andrew in the faster boats pulled away slowly. Once round the island in the stronger wind they sprinted away and were neck and neck after one lap so were sent round again. The slower boats were finished after the customary single lap with Danny and Robin in a strong position. Steve pulled ahead of Andrew after his slow tack and was convincingly ahead going round the end of the island, but the wind had backed and Steve had to drop his spinnaker early allowing Andrew to catch up. On handicap Danny finished first to win the Commodore’s Plate, with Robin in second and Andrew third.

OOD Neil set the second race in the bay with a long spinnaker reach for the faster boats. Steve streaked ahead, but when the results were calculated he only managed a third behind Danny and Robin who lead the series at the end of the first day. The series runs until the end of August so it’s still all to play for.


4 thoughts on “Summer Series – 5th June 2022

  1. Andrew Townsend

    Enjoyed the racing at the back of the fleet. Was a lot of ”overtaking” going on. I guess the secret would be knowing why – which eludes me!!

  2. Mark John

    Enjoyed my first race in a long time today. Definitely need to work on my start (ie not being too far away from it when the horn goes 🤣)


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