Summer Series – 27th August 2023

3 Catamarans set out to race for the Gusty Trophy in suitably gusty weather. Andrew started well, with Robin not far behind, and in his Dart 18, the fastest boat on the course, he was soon in the lead. Unfortunately for him there was no one ahead to show him the way and he proceeded to miss out marks as he surged into the distance. This is not allowed so he was retired. Novices Steve and Danny C in the club Dart 16 started very late and didn’t improve on that, but at least they got round in one piece. That left Andrew as winner of the trophy, but not the race. Nigel in a Topper was well ahead on handicap.

The second race saw the cats much closer and it was neck and neck until the second leg, when Robin again tried to sail the wrong course. This time he realised his mistake and went back allowing Andrew and Steve/Danny to surge ahead, much closer this time. By the end of lap 3 Robin had caught them but as the wind dropped, the other two dropped back allowing Andrew to finish in 3rd. Nigel again took 1st place with Jason an excellent 2nd.

Overall Nigel leads the series and the slow fleet with no other slow boat able to qualify (Steve’s results now have been put back to the actual 4 boats he’s sailed in the series). In the fast fleet, Neil leads, with Jason 2nd and Andrew 3rd.