Earlybird Series Finale – 26th May 2024

Four competitors took to the water (initially five, but Lawrence took a cautious view and decided not to compete).
The wind was blowing a healthy force 4-5 from the south west and race officer set a longish course towards the Barry Pin with a beat from the dropped flag buoy with downwind and a reaching leg back through the line.

On starting the wind immediately dropped , making the course too big. Jason and Neil Chasing each other and Carmel close on Jake’s transom.
Lap two saw Jason ahead on the downwind leg, and Neil, in his glee at seeing Jason hit the mark, also hit the mark !. Neil managed his 360 quicker but was still caught again by Jason who was first over the line. The toppers of Jake and Carmel went round in close formation, Jake getting there first.

In between races the wind picked up, and the lasers planed up and down the start line, and then it promptly dropped again for the now shortened course. Race two saw Neil getting the best start and getting over the line first. The toppers were more spread out this time but with Jake still in the lead and over the line first.