Earlybird Series – 2nd April 2023

Pleasant weather for the time of year. A good F4 north-easterly at the start of the first race promised some exciting racing.

And so it was for the first race. Danny, Steve and Neil fought it out for the lead over the whole 4 laps of the race. Jake, in the family Topaz Race X, would have been in the mix if he hadn’t capsized on the third leg leaving him with too much catching up to do. The three leading Lasers swapped positions several times with Steve and Danny swapping the lead each lap. Steve led at the start of the last leg, but Danny got the better of the shifts and squeezed him out at the finish.

Andrew Evans in his catamaran and Andy Townsend (Laser) both sailing for the first time this year were able to shake off the winter blues but not trouble the leaders.

Just as the the second race started the wind died to a force 2-3 and swung to the east removing the beat, which turned into a fetch, so there was no close racing and Danny pulled well clear of Neil who pulled well clear of Steve. Jake didn’t capsize, stayed not far behind and got 2nd place on handicap. Laurence held off the Andrews to finish in 5th.

The discards have kicked in with a vengeance. Steve is now only just in the lead in the fast fleet series with Danny close behind and Robin in 3rd. Teilo leads the slow fleet with Laurence 2nd and Jake 3rd.