Early Bird Series – 3rd April 2022

On arrival at 0900 we had no wind and the tide was on the turn. Eventually around 1000 the breeze started to fill in from the SE. With no tractor (away being fixed) and not enough racers, the small rescue boat was launched manned by Pete Wells and Andy Fung. Six boats launched: 5 Lasers (4 full rig and one Radial) and Lawrence in the Comet. Due to the light breeze a smallest triangle course was set. Danny pulled away and was followed by Robin and Andrew. Andy had tiller problems and had to return to slipway to change his tiller.

Second race saw the breeze increase to steady force two. Once again Danny established an early lead and continued on to win the race. Robin and Andrew battled it out for second place with Andrew overtaking in the last lap to take second position. Andy continued to have tiller problems requiring assistance from the rescue boat.
During the final stages of the second race the sun went in so all crews were glad to get back for a warm shower.

Overall Robin still leads the series, but when the discards kick in next week Danny, with four firsts, will be clearly in the lead. Something must be done!