Early Bird Series – 15th May 2022

Some confusion ensued on the off of race one today, the lights were out, yet there was a minute to go! Fortunately the sailors managed an “all clear” and were headed close hauled for the first mark. Andy thought he’d hit the jackpot and was making it in one tack, but it wasn’t quite to be. A short tack later and Robin was on his heels. The Topaz too was hot on their heels, and maybe Nick thought he’d have those lasers with a broad reach and spinnaker, but alas it didn’t quite untangle.

And so it was for the duration of the race, with the lasers clustered and boats just about changing places by making different courses rather than becoming strung out. Carmel’s Radial was almost keeping pace and for a moment downwind there was almost opportunity to call for water on Robin at the mark. But while those two tangled Andy swooped wide on port and off he went surfing a wave, the Radial in pursuit. Andy made the right decision, keeping away from the shore, and crossed the line ahead.

The Topaz took Andy’s quicker line and again Nick was in the mix, but Alun in a chasing laser having practiced man overboard drills all morning was now showing signs he wanted to test the safety crew… Or perhaps the water was particularly pleasant for swimming lessons?

Needless to say with a solid start for all in race two (we won’t mention Robin was over), Alun decided to really test our mettle- by spinning on a dime, he went from downwind back up wind through the fleet. “I’ve lost control!” was his plaintive bleat, while bearing down to T-bone the Topaz and Robin’s Laser! The boats separated, with a crash gybe by Robin looking almost intentional, all evaded the wayward laser- Beware those who sail her, that pesky lip on the transom will grab your main sheet at every opportunity.

And so it was 5 boats were whittled down to four. The Radial had the advantage, avoiding the wayward laser, it had just pulled away downwind, but pride comes before a fall, and a spectacular one it was.  A lolloping laser dead downwind and sailing by the lee was no match for a wave side on and over it went, windward side to turtle.  Carmel’s head popped up at the transom, to the view of three more making haste to get away. From there it was a well fought battle by all to hold their place, but who was it that won in handicap? It was just too close to call…

Thanks to the Patrol Boat crew and especially Dave Turner on the water and with the trollies.