Earlybird Series – 16th April 2023

There was no wind as the 5 Lasers launched and even less at the start. Nevertheless most were on or over the start line when the hooter went. Jake and Steve stormed off to the first mark leaving the others trailing, especially Danny who went back over the line to restart. The wind then went vague and the second leg became a beat. This allowed Danny to move into 3rd while Jake and Steve fought it out at the front. Steve had the edge until a huge lump of weed on his mainsheet caused his race to falter and Jake crept ahead for the win.

The easterly wind which had set in increased slightly so a second race went ahead with a reversed and much smaller course with a huge tide effect. I can’t remember the positions at the end of the first lap, but by the end of the first leg of the second lap they had reversed and Danny had taken the lead with Neil in hot pursuit. Neil hit a Mark and had to do a turn, letting Steve and Jake through and that was the way things stood going into the 3rd lap (Yes, a third lap!). Things remained close in positions 2 to 4 but Steve held on to take 2nd with Jake third and Danny well in front in first.

The series is between Steve and Danny in the fast fleet with a tight race for 3rd. The slow fleet haven’t been turning up (except to take videos).