Early Bird Series – 20th March 2022

The Early Bird Series finally got underway with 3 boats taking to the water. New member Carmel went out in a Radial and Robin and Andy were in Lasers.

Blue Skies and a decent wind from the North East greeted the sailors. In the first race Carmel had the best start of the three and was sailing clear before capsizing as she gunned at the second mark allowing Robin and Andy to sail past. After the 3rd mark an over correction to a gust saw Robin have a swim and allowed Andy to sail clear for the win.

The course was changed to a triangle and the second race started not long after the first finished. Carmel unfortunately missed the start and was some way down because of the confusion. Robin and Andy were close racing for the first 2 marks before Robin sailed away. As he was completing the first lap he capsized and Andy was able to pass and hold on for a second win.