Transom Series – 4th December 2022

A freezing cold gusty north-easterly and still four hardy sailors wanted to sail. Carmel, Steve and Nick needed the races to qualify. Teilo just wanted to prove that with a half decent sail (he chose the best mylar sail the club has to offer) he could leave the rest of the slow fleet in his wake.

Nick and Carmel’s starts played into Teilo’s hands and although Carmel managed to pass him, she capsized and Nick, despite a late surge, couldn’t catch him. Teilo won the slow fleet race and decided to quit while ahead and not sail the second race.

As the wind and gustiness increased (F6-7 at Nell’s Point and Flatholm) Nick pulled ahead of Carmel who chased hard until the tiller on the ‘new’ club boat jammed on the gybe and she ended up standing on the upturned hull (which didn’t let in any water!). Meanwhile Steve enjoyed the screaming reaches with no other fast fleet to get in the way (and won both races).

Overall, the fast fleet is now settled with Steve in first; Danny P close behind in second, but unable to make up the difference, and Neil in third. In the slow fleet there is all to play for. Robin has enough races to qualify and is lying in first, but Carmel could overturn that if she sails next week. If she doesn’t and Nick does, he has a chance of second place unless Danny C pulls something out of the bag. If Nick and Carmel don’t sail, then Danny will retain his second place.