Transom Series – 25th September 2022

Another gusty along-shore westerly with the breeze off the land fighting the breeze off the sea. A good turnout of 11 boats with two novices braving the challenging conditions – wind with tide and all over the place. Aiden Morgan fought valiantly in his first race until he succumbed to the tide and was rescued before being swept round Sully Island. Danny Clugston with a few more outings and dunkings under his belt eventually got the better of the tide and successfully completed a lap.

After a blistering start, taking advantage of the strong tide to cut ahead of the Lasers, Steve in his RS700 wasn’t able to capitalise and didn’t manage to lap Danny and Neil who after a close fought race finished in that order with Steve third on handicap and Robin, who he did lap, in 4th. Dan P in his Enterprise stayed far enough ahead of Nick in his Topaz to win the slow fleet.

Danny got the best of the start in the second race and sailed away from Neil, who after some close racing with Robin finished in second, with Robin in third ahead of Steve, fourth. Sam in his Dart 15 was having an impressive race and probably lying fourth on handicap, but missed out a mark on his final lap and after a very slow tack and sail back, lost his advantage ending up again in fifth. He’s one to watch for the future. In the slow fleet Nick who was neck and neck with Dan and so well ahead on handicap decided to blow his chances by also heading to the wrong mark allowing Dan again to take the slow fleet on Handicap.