Sharpe Trophy and Summer Series – 24th July 2022

Five boats prepared to set sail in stronger wind conditions than were forecast (Nells Point was reporting Force 5 gusting 6 throughout the afternoon!). Four actually took to water as Danny decided the wind was too much to risk a temporary repair to his boom.

Andy was able to capsize twice before the start. Nick just the once. Andrew in his cat sailed clear on the opening beat followed by Nigel in the Argo and Nick in his Topaz. Andy then realised the race had started and tacked back towards the start line in his Laser.

With Andrew flying on the reach to the second mark the others were trying to make up ground. Andy managed to catch Nick and Nigel but capsized rounding the mark. A very inconvenient location but Nigel and Nick managed to avoid the obstacle and go clear again.

Andrew was looking to lap the other three boats as they approached half way on the second lap (his third). The reach seemed to be very fast and everyone was surfing some of the large waves being generated (some say up to 5 foot waves!). It was quite exhilarating and Andy clearly thought it was too hot and decided to capsize (again). Nigel and Nick again sailed clear and Andy retired (pride) hurt.

Andrew took the race on the water, and the Sharpe Trophy, followed by Nigel (crewed by new members Alexia and Danny C), who decided not to cross the finish line and Nick (crewed by newest member Csaba) who finished 2nd on handicap.

The wind stayed the same for the 2nd race and the waves got bigger. Andrew again sailed away, but more closely chased by Nigel, with only one crew this time, and Nick taking 3rd spot and that was how it played out on handicap.

The series is still being led by Danny P in his Laser but after 2 firsts Andrew E now has 2nd place and Robin (Laser) is 3rd in the fast fleet. Nick in his Topaz now leads the slow fleet with Dan P in his Enterprise in 2nd and Chris Batho 3rd in a Radial.