Race Recording Tasks

(1). On the Clubhouse balcony, set out :

  • the table and chair(s) needed for the race recorder(s)
  • the local blue-stripe flag used for signalling the 5-minute warning
  • the “Slow” and “Fast” fleet flags used for shortening races
  • The bolt-on electric Klaxon
  • Recording sheets, digital timer, binoculars, radio, pencils/pens

(2). Well before launching begins, take a race-recording sheet on a clipboard round the boats being rigged in the compound, and note which craft are racing, specifically:

  • the boat-type and rig ( e.g. Laser Radial or Laser Standard)
  • sail number
  • helm and crew names

[ The boats going out for a “jolly” can be ignored. ]

(3). Start the race using the light and horn signals shown on the instruction panel. (NB: The normal start line runs from the from the Clubhouse to the yellow buoy.)

NB: the timer can be set to show 5 Minutes to go, and will count-down to zero, then automatically start counting up again, until stopped.

(4) During the race mark up the race-recording sheet, to show each lap completed by each boat. Enter at least a tick in each box and if possible note the time at which each boat passes the Start-Finish buoy.

At the end of the race, as each boat finishes its last lap, always mark that boat’s final elapsed time since the race started.

NB : Races will usually last about 40 minutes. If the first boat takes more than 1 hour the race is abandoned. Any boat more than more than 30 minutes behind the first boat will usually be deemed “retired”.


From the look-out point of the balcony, be prepared when the need arises, to radio the OOD and/or Patrol Boat on e.g.:- the locating of buoys, incidents on the water, change of course, and early finishing of a race.