OOD Responsibilities

  1. OODs  will from 2017 normally be members of the Club Committee designated by Committee to supervise sailing events as scheduled by the Sailing Programme and in compliance with the Club’s  Sailing Instructions (formerly “Racing rules” ).
  2. The OOD SHALL HAVE THE SOLE DISCRETION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT ANY SCHEDULED RACING SHALL TAKE PLACE and shall have given due regard to the club risk assessments, the weather conditions, sea state, and whether the Patrol Boat can be launched and recovered without damage. No scheduled races will take place if the Patrol Boat cannot be launched. THE OOD’s DECISION IS FINAL AND SHALL NOT BE CHALLENGED BY ANY OTHER MEMBER.
  3. At the start of a cruise event the OOD shall convene a pre-launch briefing for participants to instruct them on the day’s passage plan and the Club expectation/ requirement that they remain together as a single sailing fleet.
  4. The OOD may rule during the course of a day’s racing or cruise that the event shall be abandoned and boats are to return to shore
  5. Courses will be set by the OOD and displayed on the sailing notice board before the launch of the Patrol Boat prior to the day’s racing. Course marks will be shown diagrammatically as will the route and direction of the course.  The planned duration of the race will also be indicated.

    Long distance races will be set by the OOD on the day of the race and described appropriately on the sailing notice board.

    Changes to the course may be made after the launch of the Patrol Boat but, if so, every effort will be made by the OOD and Patrol Boat crew to inform all competitors of such change of course.

  6. The OOD will deploy members of the day’s assigned Race Duty crew, and / or other volunteers, to ensure that as far as possible on the day:- the Patrol Boat is crewed by appropriately competent persons;  the Race recording tasks can be carried out reliably;  at least one person is available on the slipway to help with and monitor launching and recovery of boats.
  7. The OOD will decide and brief the Race Duty crew as and when appropriate whether a race is to be finished early, under the provisions of Sailing Instructions 11 and 12.
  8. When the ODD is made aware that sailing conditions are likely to be beyond the capability of, or equipment available to, a particular Club member, the OOD Is authorised to dissuade that member from starting or continuing to take part in an event.