2014 Overall Results (provisional)

Series EarlyBird Summer Transom
Fast 1st Bob Lang Danny Powell Steve Marshall
Fast 2nd Andrew Evans Steve Marshall Charlie Harris
Fast 3rd Pete Wells Andrew Evans Roger Dykes/ Bob Lang
Slow 1st Neil Brookes Teilo Richardson Jake Richardson
Slow 2nd Rex Hendrickson Teilo Richardson
Slow 3rd Jake Richardson Rex Hendricksen
19 races 9 to count2/3 – 25/5 24 races 11 to count1/6 – 7/9 19 races 9 to count21/9 – 7/12


Sharpe Trophy Nigel Vick
Laser Cup Steve Marshall
Watler Cup Danny Powell
Centripump Cup Ian Davies
Commodore’s Plate Danny Powell
Bill Bryant Andrew Evans
Gusty Trophy Andrew Evans
Driftwood Trophy Andrew Evans


Pursuit Race Andrew Evans


639 Recorded Launches